Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Great day

Today was great, went with her to the doctor then went around looking for something to eat for days lol, finally ended up going to Japanese Kitchen, and they made the food in front of us, it was tight AF, never been to a place like that, we had to leave before we got to eat cause today was my EMT orientation. So excited, first day of my dream came true. Well after that we went back and had a blast, it was seriously so much fun. then went to food maxx and got some wild vines chardonnay which btw is the shit, anyway we came home and had an after dinner nap for about 4 hours haha, after that opened the bottle and watched some breakfast at tiffanys. All in all it was a fantastic day with my love. One more day down to spending forever together. didnt argue once except a little disagreement that only lasted about 10 minutes. Man I love her so much =D

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