Friday, January 20, 2012

Still absolutely crazy about this girl

She's the girl of my dreams, I love everything about her. I'm always thinking of ways to impress her, my worst fear right now is her getting bored of me or used to me. I want her to still be excited when I'm around. The only problem of that is I dont know how to make that work if we see each other everyday, I never want her to take me for granted, or vice versa. I get sad just thinking about her getting used to me. I think of the days when she'd come over late at night and we'd walk around our neighborhoods talking and holding hands. Then spend the rest of our time holding each other leaning on her car cause we dont want to let go. I hope it is like that forever, I never want to lose her, I cant live without her in my life. I love you Corrina. More and more every day.

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