Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Long time no type

Hello blog, been a while since I last updated this mug. Anyway, things are going great with me and my love, a couple days this week got a little rocky but we made it. We're going to LA in like 3 days and staying there for 3 days in a BOMB ass hotel room (hot tub mo-fucka!) and we have reservations at our friend Eva Longoria's restaurant, NBD... It's going to be great, no pressure from anyone or anything, just gonna be the two of us. I can't wait. Lol we're living out of our means like completely, we're so far out it would take 2 planes, a boat, 5 trains, and 3 taxis (I mean limos) to get back. but my baby is worth every penny. I love her so much, she is my everything. I really really want to be holding her right now. My life lights up when I see that girl.

I love you Corrina

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